Athlete of the Month - December 2017


Nick is one of the most positive, hard working and consistent athletes we have at CrossFit Utica. His coachability makes him an awesome athlete to work with and his willingness to help others makes him a huge asset at CrossFit Utica. We asked him a few questions...take a few moments and see what he had to say.

1. How long have you been at CrossFit Utica and what got you started?

I received my 2 year notice on December 22nd. I knew I was unhappy with my body and I needed to change something. I never really felt at home at the gym, but I remember my first day at CrossFit Utica. It was a Bring A Friend Day and the workout involved a deck of cards. My friend didn't even show up, but I was still treated just like a full fledge member and the next day I signed up to start attending classes twice a week.

2. If you could be in the movie of your choice, what movie would you choose and what character would you play?

Star wars: Han Solo. I hope I don't need to explain that one.

3. If you had to pick your last meal what would it be?

Man ... thats not a fair question at all. Nothing beats pizza wings and beer. You can have it hot or cold, anytime of day, fresh or leftover it's always great.

4. What does a day in the life of Nick look like outside of being a stud crossfitter?

A typical day outside the gym is pretty boring. I get up and put my pants on one leg at a time. I have a 9 to 5 job as the IT manager at a local manufacturer. I try to eat healthy and stay positive.

5. Favorite workout?/Least favorite workout?

There are so many awesome workouts it's hard to say. I like chippers, any workout with the rower, and squats. Least favorite movement has to be wall balls. I couldn't do a pull up when I started now I can string together 5 or 6 for as long as I need to. I couldn't do a double under to save my life now I can do 15 to 20 consistently in a workout. I still can't do more than 15 wall balls at a pop. F*ing wall balls. Ahh maybe they are not so bad.

6. Tell us something we don’t already know about you!

When I was a small child, maybe 6 years old, I wandered into the woods behind my aunt's house. Nobody knew where I was and my aunt had to call 911. Long story short the state police found me a few hours later. I made the front of the OD (local newspaper) and needless to say, it was the last time I stayed at my aunt's house.