Athlete of the Month - March 2018



Monica is a CrossFit Utica OG. She has been an athlete with us from September of 2015, one of our founder's club! She is always a positive and outgoing personality to have at the gym as well as an extremely hard worker. This past month however, she was absolutely amazing. She crushed the nutrition challenge, helped judged during the open without question and absolutely dominated the open this year. We asked her a few questions and even though she didn't answer them one by one she did hit on them all below. Take a few minutes and read below.

I have been at Crossfit Utica for over two years now which is crazy to think about because when I first pulled into the parking lot of CFU I didn't even want to leave the car. I decided to join Crossfit Utica when I realized that other gyms and other workouts weren't cutting it. I wasn't seeing the results I wanted to and I wasn't pushing myself like I needed to. I played field hockey in college; I missed having the routine of practice everyday at the same time, someone telling me what I needed to do, and most of all the competitive atmosphere. Theses are things that Crossfit is able to offer me and why I love it so much!

I could sit here for hours and go into detail about everything I have learned since joining Crossfit Utica. That's what I love about this gym; it's not a place where I just go to work out, you learn so much while here from everyone not just the coaches. Anyway, the most important thing I think I have learned about CFU is how to take care of myself and love myself. I know this sounds very cliche but its true. Before joining CFU I had the mind set that eating whatever I wanted and working out was fine, or not eating all day then eating one crappy meal was fine. I have learned, especially from various nutrition challenges, that life is about balance and it is okay to slip but you can bounce back from it, and you don't even have to wait until Monday...imagine that! I have also learned not to beat myself up if I don't have the best workout. Not every day is going to be a Personal Record (PR) or a gold star and not every day I am going to be able to RX every workout. Once I learned to listen to my body and how to push myself the right way I have been the happiest I have been in a while at the gym. 

I have seen the obvious impacts like losing weight and getting stronger, I love a good PR. When I come to the gym I can turn everything going on in my life off and focus on competing against friends as well as reaching new PRs. However, even more worthwhile than that is how I feel and the knowledge I have taken from the community. Since Crossfit Utica has helped me change my eating habits and feel more comfortable in my own body. I feel less bloated, lighter on my feet, not as tired, and energetic throughout the entire day. Before I joined CFU, I was self conscious about how I looked and what I was able to do at the gym. After being here for a while I have more confidence in myself both in the gym and outside of it. I have realized that although I am competing with others it is more about the competition within myself  and pushing myself. Crossfit Utica has also helped me expand my t-shirt collection, which I am eternally grateful for!

For someone that is thinking about starting Crossfit I would tell them to just go for it. No matter who you are or how athletic you are the first class can be intimidating; but once you surround yourself with the positive community members and competitive atmosphere you will be hooked and coming back for me. I would also tell them to embrace the pain, some how it ends up being worth it in the end! CFU is a tight knit family. We don't just go to workout we go to watch each other grow as individuals and bond over common goals.