Jess (AKA J.z.)


I decided to join Crossfit Utica when I realized that I didn’t know what to do on my own at the gym to get the results that I wanted, and I needed someone to show me. When I went to my first class I got the chance to put my hands on a barbell for the first time ever and Coach Anthony walked me through the movements. It was the toughest workout I had ever done and the hardest that I had ever pushed myself in a workout. After that I was sold and signed up immediately and I can’t imagine not having this kind of community and fitness in my life.

I have always been skinny, I have always been the one that couldn't put any weight on no matter what I did or ate. While some might consider this a blessing, I didn't feel comfortable with my body. Since starting Crossfit, I have gained weight and look and feel healthier. I've even gone to the beach in my first bikini ever. And it's so exciting to get strong enough to do something you’ve never done before and to see the progression of changes happen. When I started Crossfit I couldn't do a single pull up, but now they are one of my favorite movements. People compliment my shoulders regularly because they have muscle and shape that they never had before. I feel more confident and comfortable in my body than I ever have, and I’m in the best shape and stronger than I have ever been. Being able to see the potential that I have and the strength that I have built have been the best things that Crossfit has given me that chance to experience.

I could not have gotten the results that I have on my own. The best thing about going to Crossfit Utica is that there is always people there to push you to do more, dig deep, and try new things. Whether it’s the coaches or the other athletes, someone is going to help you finish the workout and reach your goals. It's the best community for building people up, regardless of what your goal or skill level is, someone will always be cheering you on. 

For anyone on the fence about joining, I would tell them to try one class and see if it’s for you. I never did any competitive sports or touched a barbell before Crossfit and fell in love. The workouts and all the movements can be scaled. And you don’t have to get in shape before doing Crossfit, no matter your fitness level, novice to expert, these workouts are going to make you sweat. The coaches, the athletes, the atmosphere, and the results, all of it keeps me coming back.