What is CrossFit Utica?

We are a CrossFit facility dedicated to the pursuit of excellence through Character, Commitment and Community. We use the most Effective Coaching techniques to maximize your Fitness. We are also much more…we are a tight knit group, a family. CrossFit is more than just an effective way to workout and get in shape. CrossFit is a way of living your life to the fullest. This includes training both your body and mind, as well as eating appropriately to optimize an active lifestyle. This also includes the camaraderie and support of those around you. To learn more about us, Contact Us and setup an appointment!

What is CrossFit?

The CrossFit program delivers a brand of fitness that is broad, general, and inclusive. Our specialty is not specializing. We are generalists. CrossFit prepares you for whatever life may throw at you. Our workouts are designed to maximize your results in the gym and improve your quality of life outside of the gym. At CrossFit Utica, you will learn how to safely, effectively and efficiently squat, lift, press, run, jump, row, throw, and move your body through space. The workouts are challenging yet rewarding. We will help you realize your human potential, and each day that you enter, you will leave better for it. For more information, visit our CrossFit program page.

Is CrossFit Utica for Me?

Yes! CrossFit Utica is for people of all ages. We help improve the lives of everyone from children to grandparents and everyone in between through fitness and fun! CrossFit is universally scalable so everyone can participate. We do movements that you do in your everyday life, such as standing up and sitting down, picking things up off the ground, and putting things over your head. What this really means is, in addition to helping you maximize your athletic performance, we will also help you be better prepared to tackle any daily challenges you may face – from unloading groceries to carrying your little-one down a flight of stairs. We just make sure you do it safely, effectively and efficiently. This is what makes CrossFit so special. No matter your abilities or experience, our coaches will tailor the workouts just for you. We motivate one another, cheer one another on, and sometimes participate in some healthy competition. But, ultimately, every workout is yours alone. Your workout = your pace. Whether you opt for small group classes or private one-on-one coaching sessions, we are confident you will reach your full athletic potential, and have fun in the process. To learn more, visit our Membership page.