I joined Crossfit Utica because...

our daughter, Sarah Appleton, wanted me to do so. Sarah is 20; I had my children later in life. I am 59, and I think in addition to Sarah's strong belief in the benefits of crossfit, she wanted me specifically to be as healthy as possible. I am sure she noticed that after having been relatively athletic, once I hit my 50's I significantly decreased my exercise. So, I started Crossfit at CrossfitUtica - quite scared, skeptical, and a little excited.

I am soooo glad I joined!! None of my fears came true! The environment - starting with the coaches - is amazing! Every movement is explained thoroughly and scaled to one's ability. The coaches always challenge me and always have my safety in mind. The younger and more experienced athletes are so supportive and encouraging. It's a culture that is hard to describe. It is welcoming, challenging, and so full of support!

All I knew when I started at Crossfit Utica was that I needed to get in better shape. Well, I definitely have done that! I am loving how I feel after workouts! It's definitely put the skip back in my step!! What I didn't anticipate (but am loving) is that I am down 2 sizes in my clothes!!!! I am wearing the few items of clothing that I saved from my late 40's (and purchasing a few new items - don't tell my husband lol just kidding!).

I honestly think I will do crossfit for the rest of my life! Crossfit Utica provides an incredible combination of teaching, encouraging, supporting, challenging, and accepting people of all abilities and ages. Sure, there are lots of young, strong, very talented athletes who run circles around me, but they also are sincerely cheering me on at the end of a workout!

Please feel free to contact me if you are on the fence about joining. I used to struggle carrying in the groceries - now I can load a barbell like nobody's business!! Thank you to Anthony Mucurio and all the coaches at Crossfit Utica!