Let's Be Friends

Community has always been at the root of what we believe in. Working out just would not be the same without a built-in friend group cheering you on. You won't just find friends here, you will find family.

We like to treat our members to lots of fun community events! Our members enjoy semi-annual intra-gym competitions, BBQ's, costume parties, beach WODs, and loads more. 



Jess AKA (J.Z.)

I decided to join Crossfit Utica when I realized that I didn’t know what to do on my own at the gym to get the results that I wanted, and I needed someone to show me. When I went to my first class I got the chance to put my hands on a barbell for the first time ever and Coach Anthony walked me through the movements. It was the toughest workout I had ever done and the hardest that I had ever pushed myself in a workout. After that I was sold and signed up immediately and I can’t imagine not having this kind of community and fitness in my life.



What made you decide you join CrossFit Utica? 

I started at CFU less than a month after the first Clash for the Cure event in May 2016.  Two friends convinced me to compete in the event and not just come to watch and help.  So I did.  I fell in love with it immediately and joined by the end of the month.  It was the change to my routine that I needed.



I joined Crossfit Utica because our daughter, Sarah, wanted me to do so. Sarah is 20; I had my children later in life. I am 59, and I think in addition to Sarah's strong belief in the benefits of crossfit, she wanted me specifically to be as healthy as possible. I am sure she noticed that after having been relatively athletic, once I hit my 50's I significantly decreased my exercise. So, I started at CrossfitUtica - quite scared, skeptical, and a little excited. I am soooo glad I joined!!

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